Lady Gaga – Sexxx Dreams chords

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Song: Sexxx Dreams
By: Lady gaga


G# Cm() Our lovers' quarrel.
G# CmHurts more than I can say.
G# CmOh my, () Help me here.
G# Help me here! ()
Cm Cause I can't help my mind from going there!
G# / G# /Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend,
Cm / / / Wanna meet in my place? G# / / / Hear that we both got nothin' to do. (Silence) When I lay in bed I touch myself I Think 'a you Chorus:
Cm A# G# Last night, Damn! You were in my sex dreams
Cm A# G# Cm A# G# Doing really nasty things.
Cm A# G#Damn! You were in my sex dreams.
Makin' love in my sex dreams. 2nd Verse: We could be caught. We're both convicted criminals of tought. Let's withe, glove the bed. Help me here! Cause we can't hide the evidence in our heads. (Repeat Pre-chorus & Chorus)
CmYou could turn a stone
A# G# Or the color of a man petrified by a woman
Cm A#In love as I am when I lay with you
G# G# I think of him, I think of him.
(Repeat chorus) Tanks fot visit :D
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