Ladyhawk - The Dugout chords

Intro: F      C    G     Same as verse.
       C      G    F

F It's safer to stay with your own
C GIt's only a natural instinct
C'Cause sometimes the people you fear
G FCome wearing the friendliest faces
Dm Am GOnly to make you feel you're the last one there when the party's over
CAnd even the person you love
G GHas turned you away in the end
DmSo tell me the truth of your heart
Am GPlease tell me, please tell me
CI'm haunting the basement again X2
GTurn your light on
FTurn your light on me
FI'll tell you a dream that I had
C GI was down at the baseball diamond
CAnd seeing you smiling beside
G FWatching the moon at the treetops
DmLaughing and backing away
Am GSaw your dark eyes shine like the city skyline
CAnd then I just sat there alone
G FUnable to wake up or walk home
REPEAT CHORUS ONCE. Strum F a little, then end on C . Props for the chords goes to gobbleykins from the youtubes. Also: There's a solo in the middle, between chorus and verse, but I haven't a clue how it goes, nor does gobbleykins.
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