Ladytron - Beauty2 tab

                            Beauty*2 - Ladytron
Tabbed by:coruscorvax

Tuning: Standard

Personal Note: First, this is my first transposition. Second, there is no such
thing as an electronica song that CANNOT be transcribed for guitar including 
acoustic guitar. This is my mission statement. Thank you.

Song Note: This is a haunting and beautiful song and it transcribes PERFECTLY 
to guitar or even guitars as I have provided both lead and rhythm guitar parts
(the chords have their own entry on


These tabs are a one hundred percent accurate transcription of the melody 
heard on Witching Hour. The composition is simple and straightforward;
very easy to play. Don't let the 1a/1b variation fool you either. 
I had to account for an almost unnoticeable 1-bar difference in the E chord 
during the vocal-verses.

The melody itself is derived from a three chord progression: F#m, E, D. They
are indicated above their respective licks. Enjoy!

Riff 1a. - play during non-vocal verse sections (intro. and versal interludes)chorus, and coda [F#m] [E] [D]e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------2-----------0-----3-32-20-0----------------------|G|---------6-6h7p6-------4-4-4-------2-2-2-----------------------------------|D|-------4-------------2-----------0-----------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 1b. - play during vocal-verse sections [F#m] [E] [D] e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------2-----------2----------0-------------------------|G|---------6-6^7^6-------4-4-4-------4-4-4------2-2-2------------------------|D|-------4-------------2-----------2----------0------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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