Lagwagon - E Dagger chords version 1

Ccome on e
Ftry to go easy
Ab A# Cwe can do anything, anything, anything
Ccome on e
Fwe got it covered
Ab A# Cwe can stop anytime, anytime, anytime
Ccome on e
Fit's just a party
Ablets go to party town
A# Cthen we can party down
Ccome on e
Fcheck out my party hat
Ab A# Cmy name is randall, i wrote you this song
F G cant you see that all we need is
C E one night to release this
F C Gbound to be the last in all of history?
Ccome on e
Fraise your glass to the sky
Ab drink to the song that plays,
A# Colden days, whatever
Cjust wanna get radical
Fdon't be a bummer
Ab look at the summer day
A# Cthe sun is rising once again (yeah)
F G can't we have just one night without
C E all this self destruction
F C Gi just love my husband cant live without him
Ccome on e
Dwe're goin easy
Fits just a party
Ctime to get gnarly
Ccome on e
Dtry to go easy
Fmy name is randall
Cits nice to meet you
C D F C x2
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