Lagwagon – Choke tab

Artist: Lagwagon
Song: Choke
Album: Double Plaidinum
Tabbed by: Bo

This song is played 1/2 step down: Eb-Ab-Db-gb-bb-eb
But actually nobody turn his guitar down, so fuck it and play it with standart

You'll have to listen to the song several times to get the right timing for the 
pre-chorus and chorus riffs. The rest's quite easy to play.
Enjoy it!!!

Questions or Comments are welcome:
(it's played by bass but you can also use power chords and kinda impovisation)

A      Gis     Cis  E
_Choke choke pride _
A              Gis           Cis       B
 Still I could only wait for you to decide 
A        Gis      Cis       Fis
 Tear it all apart    you break my heart
          E          Gis              Cis
Why don't you follow through follow through

Intro Riff: (The intro riff is very fast played. If you don't manage it, you can leave it out.)1st guitarE-------------------------------------B-------------------------------------G-------------------------------------D-------------------------4---4---6---A-----------4-6-7-7---7---------------E-4-5-7-5-7---------------------------
Second guitarE-------------------------------------B-------------------------------------G-------------------------------------D-------------------------------------A-----------4-6-7-7-7-7-6-6-6-4-------E-4-5-7-5-7---------------------------
1.Part: A Gis Cis E And the day ends a so called friend You´re drunk in bed _ A Gis Cis B _How could you with... Why would you...All of them no one A Gis Cis Fis owns you Just keep me hanging here Tell me you need me dear A Gis Cis _Tell me you're sure I shouldn't fear...
Lies, Lies, Lies (2. guitar plays still Cis)E-----------------B-----------------G------------1---- D-2-----4--------- -->(1.guitar)A-----------------E-----------------
2. Part A Gis Cis E Choke choke please _ A Gis Cis B _Have another drink on me - My love A Gis Cis Fis humiliation I gave you every chance to leave E Gis Cis Cis _And you stayed just long enough to bury me _ A Gis Cis Cis(muted) _As I understand what no one can see I stop Pre-Chorus:
E--------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------G-6---6--------------------------------------D-6---6-------4---6--/7--7--7-7-7--6--4--6---A-4---4--/7-77-------------------------------E-------------------------------------------- And all these words seem selfish and anger you
E-------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------G-6---6--------------------------------4-5-6D-6---6-------4---6--/7--7--7-7-7--6---4-5-6A-4---4--/7-77-------------------------2-3-4 E------------------------------------------- And none of them is true
1.Guitar 2. GuitarE------------------ E------------------B------------------ B------------------G-4---------------- G-4-------9-------- D-4-------2-------- D-4-------9--------A-2-------2-------- A-2-------7-------- E---------0-------- E------------------
1.Guitar 2. GuitarE--------------------------------- E-------------------------B--------------------------------- B-------------------------G---/7--7--7----7---7---6--4--6--- G/7--7--7-7-7--6----------D--------------------------------- D-----------------6-7-6-7-A--------------------------------- A-------------------------E--------------------------------- E-------------------------But all of them confess until I
Chorus (or whatever)
E------------------------- E------------------------- |B------------------------- B------------------------- | playG-6---6------------------- G------------------------- | threeD-6---6---------7--7--7-7- D-7---7---------6--6--6-6- | TimesA-4---4---6-7---7--7--7-7- A-7---7---6-7---6--6--6-6- |E---------------5--5--5-5- E-5---5---------4--4--4-4- |
choke choke choke choke Choke choke choke Choke choke choke Choke choke choke _________________ _______________________ _______________________ Bridge (play once): Cis, B, A, Gis Part 3: (strum each chord once and let it ring) A Gis Cis B _I thought I knew a true love I used to think you really cared A Gis Cis B _Used to think I knew true innocence I though that you were that A Gis cis Fis _I know you too well when you lie I hope you choke on them
E---------------------- | B---------------------- | G-----------------6~--- | Guitar 1 D-----------------6~--- | A-----------4-6-7-4~--- | E-4-5-7-5-7------------ |
E Gis Cis Cis~ <---Guitar 2 and see for me foooooooooooorr me 2.Pre-Chorus: (the lyrics are only a little variation from the 1.) And all these words seem selfish and anger you And you were always true Am I the only one that hears you lie? (Play the chorus progression one more time without lyrics)
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