Lagwagon - Mister Bap Live tab

Band:  Lagwagon
Title: Mister Bap (Live) 
Album: Live in a Dive

Tabber:|---> Chris W. <---|
Date: 08/16/05

|MAIN RIFF| (0:00 - 0:20) and (0:30 - 0:40)e|------------------------------------------------------|b|------------------------------------------------------|g|------------------------------------------------------|d|--77-7--99-9---77-7--99-9---77-7--99-9---6-5-4--------|a|--77-7--99-9---77-7--99-9---77-7--99-9---6-5-4--------|e|--55-5--77-7---55-5--77-7---55-5--77-7---4-3-2--------|
|2nd RIFF (0:21 - 0:30)| play very fast and two timese|------------------------------------------------------|b|------------------------------------------------------|g|------------------------------------------------------|d|------------------------------------------------------|a|--14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12--16-16-16-16--14-14-14-14--|e|--12-12-12-12--10-10-10-10--14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12--|
That´s all! :) Sounds fuckin´ cool and it´s very very easy to play! HAVE FUN GUYS!! If you wanna say somethig to me about the tab or anything else: MAIL ME @
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