Lagwagon – The Chemist Acoustic tab

The Chemist (Lagwagon) CHORDS:  G  A  Bm  C7  C  D D7/F#  E  F# F#m
                             e  3  0   2   3  0  3   2    0  2   2
Strumming: dduudu(or)dduud   B  3  2   3   5  1  2   1    0  2   2
                             G  0  2   4   3  2  3   2    1  3   2
                             D  0  2   4   5  0  0   0    2  4   4
                             A  2  0   2   3  3  X   0    2  2   4
                             E  3  X   X   X  X  X   2    0  2   2

G          A       Bm     G       A       Bm
One more time we become.  Masquerade under sun.

G       A        Bm    G           A        Bm
Passionless vacation. You’re not telling anyone.

G A Bm The sun falls in the wholee|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0----------0------0-|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------7---------7---|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----9-----9----9-----|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d u d d u
G A Bm It’s chemistry chemicale|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0----------0------0-|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------7---------7---|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----9-----9----9-----|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d u d d u
G A Bm C7 Follow the pattern if you cane|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0-------------0-----|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------9----9-----9--|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----10---10----------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d d u d
G A D Stick around it will change againe|-----------3--------------------5-----------2-0-2-----------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5----3-3-3-----------------------|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6------2-2-2-----------------------|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u
G A Bm G A Bm One more line, stay focused. Hollow quiet, I feel sick G A Bm C7 G A F# Misunderstanding,ten feet tolerance. I’m not telling anyone E F# G A Bm G A Bm G A Bm C7 G A D You’re not telling anyone D A Bm A G A The sound is atrocious. The mouse horrific. D F#m Bm A G I recognize those last words. I’ll hold on to mine
G A Bm Lying out in the sune|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0----------0------0-|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------7---------7---|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----9-----9----9-----|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d u d d u
G A Bm Keep it like a secrete|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0----------0------0-|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------7---------7---|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----9-----9----9-----|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d u d d u
G A Bm C7 Elements in the pool were all dried up ande|-----------3--------------------5---------------------------------------|B|------------------3--------------------5------------0-------------0-----|G|-----4----------4---------6----------6---------7----------9----9-----9--|D|--5-----5-----5--------7-----7-----7--------9-----9----10---10----------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d u d d u d
G A D D7/F# Here comes the chemist againe|--------3------------------5------------------2---------------------------|B|---------------3------------------5------------------3----------1------1--|G|---4---------4-------6----------6-------2----------2-------2---------2----|D|5-----5----5------7-----7-----7------0-----0-----0------0-----0----0------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d d u d u d u d d u
G D C This is everything I am
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