Lagwagon - Kids Are All Wrong tab


     G     F#     C     A     D     Em

INTRO (this is actually played on a piano. listen to the song for the timing)
SONG (this is basically two bars on each chord, apart from the A and G through "...hopeless opinions, the kids are all..." - only one bar each. I did it with chords because it's easier to show how the music fits in with the vocals. On the very last 'G' chord, just strike it once and let ring) G F# C A Def, Watching cars, And focus on one, 'Til it's gone, G F# C A Heroes die, Off every day, Like fathers they would, Never stay, D F# The kids are all wrong, The kids are all wrong, Em G They're full of there hopeless opinions, A D F# The kids are all wrong, The kids are all wrong, Em G That's all I ever really learned
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