Lagwagon - May16 tab

Tabbed bye: Gimpyf
D			Bm
No more waiting on them
D			F#m
as you rise inside new rooms
         G            A
It's official you've gone
you can live for no one else
D	A             Bm
Man the guilt must be huge
    G                     A
As there's no gain in failure you succeed at being mine
D                    Bm   D                         F#m
Yeah, old friend, see you there I will be proud from afar
G			    A          D        A                 Bm
I can paint a picture in a moment of memories and there aren't many left
G                   A 
I am extradited, uninvited

D A Bm F#m      G         A
    It's just another saturday

D A Bm F#m G  A

D			Bm
Take a step to freedom
D			F#m
You and her against this cruel world
         G            A
Take a breath of shelter and exhale

D       A       Bm
Trust and allegiance
G                       A
Liberate yourself from hell

D A Bm F#m      G         A
    It's just another saturday  x2

D A Bm F#m G  A

Ok the chords look like pachelbel cannon so it wasn't diffucult
ps: this is my first tabs so...
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