Lake Of Tears - Otherwheres tab

Artist: Lake of Tears
Song: Otherwheres
Album: Forever Autumn

Standard E Tuning

Used Chords:---0-------1-------3----------------------0------------------|---1-------1-------3----------------------1------------------|---2-------2-------0----------------------0------------------|---2-------3-------0----------------------2------------------|---0-------x-------2----------------------3------------------|---0-------x-------3----------------------0------------------|A Minor F Major G Major with added D C Major
Fade in guitar strumming G after piano intro, then advance to the following progression: Am, C, F, C, G Repeat until drums enter, then simply F, G Repeat until end of song, where there is a last Am that is upstroked slowly
Tips: One of the main strumming tricks Daniel is doing when he plays Otherwheres isreleasing and depressing his index finger while strumming A minor, which givesthe following chord: (I'm unsure if it has a name)----0--------|----0--------|----2--------|----2--------|----0--------|----0--------|He also alternates between up and down strokes heavily during the song.
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