Lake Of Tears - Come Night I Reign tab

Author/Artist: Lake Of Tears
Title: Come Night I Reign
Album: Forever Autumn

Normal Tuning

Intro :

Gm Gm/A#-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|----------3-----------3-----------3--|-------5-----------5-----------5-----|----5-----------5-----------5--------|-3-----------3-----------6-----------|
1st verse : Gm Come night comes shadows to your side Gm Come night comes every tear you cried Gm/A# come night so comes your time to see Gm | Gm 2nd verse similiar to the first. Refrain : Bb Come night Im there again C Come night, Come night i reign G5 | G5 | Bb5 | G5 C5 Bb5 Hey, Beware, for the night will find you G5 C5 Bb5 G5 Hey, Beware, for I am there behind you G5 C5 Bb5 G5 A5 Hey, Beware, I slay
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