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Laleh – Invisible My Song tab

Laleh is a fairly new swedish artist with fantastic voice and great feel on the guitar.

Laleh - Invisible (my song) Acoustic


This is the acoustic version of the song from the Invisible EP released in 2005.
I've tried to write down a fairly accurate tab of how i play it. Add some random 
guitar-hero stuff to it and it will sound great. Enjoy!

Verse & Intro:

Fig1. (Play with Reggae/jazz feel) First time E----------|---------------------------------|B----------|-------5------5------5------5----|G----------|-------5------5------5------5----|D----------|-------7------7------7------7----|A-----8p7--|---------------------------------|E----------|---5------X------X-------X-------|
Chorus: (Strum chords & pick some random notes) Am F Invisible Ratholes Am G Invisible You can't catch 'em Fig2. (Go for the reggae/jazz feel again)
The guilty InvisibleE---------------------------------|---------------------------------|B-------5------5------5------5----|-------1------1------1------1----|G-------5------5------5------5----|-------2------2------2------2----|D-------7------7------7------7----|-------3------3------3------3----|A---------------------------------|---------------------------------|E---5------X------X-------X-------|---1------X------X-------X-------|
Invisible You can't catch 'emE---------------------------------|---------------------------------|B-------5------5------5------5----|-------3------3------3------3----|G-------5------5------5------5----|-------4------4------4------4----|D-------7------7------7------7----|-------5------5------5------5----|A---------------------------------|---------------------------------|E---5------X------X-------X-------|---3------X------X-------X-------|
Lyrics: Fig1. I keep loosing my faith And I keep trying again I keep taking the blame And i can't give it away Oh, you might not know what I mean Oh, but you know what I beleive in Oh, I can't give you my cause Oh, I'm just saying because Chorus. Fig1. Oh, they keep turning away And I can't help I'm afraid Give me power to fight Oh, I wish we where trying I'm trying to say I can't live that way Oh, I can't live that way Ooh, I can't live that way Oh, I can't live that way Chorus. Maybe one day Maybe one day.... Maybe one day Maybe one day Fig1. Maybe....Oooooaaaahh ..You get the idea! By: ZETTER Comments to:
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