Lamb – Softly chords

This is just the simple chord structure of the song. Find the timing and the 
strumming yourself. I usually play the last Cm of every line from the 10th fret 
and the A# and D# on the 6th. Hope it's helpful. By Moe3344.

Cm D# A# Cm Softly kissing you as you lie sleeping
Cm D# A# CmSmiling on me your love gives me all the blessings of this new day
Cm D# A# CmThe heat in your skin caresses my senses in such a glorious way
Cm D#Im so happy with you...
A# CmIm so happy with you...
---------------OR ALTERNATIVELY--------------
Place a capo on the 3rd fret. Then just play (Am, C, G, Am) instead of the chords shown above. Enjoy!
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