Lambchop - Distance From Here To There tab

			     The Distance From Here to There - Lambchop 
Tabbed by:Devin Z
Album - Nixon



Listen to Album for time rhythm and embelishments Intro e|-------3---2---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------1-------------------1----------5--------/7------------|G|-----------------------------------------2----------5--------/7------------|D|---------------------2----------2--------2----------5--------/7------------|A|-------2---2---------3----------2----2-1-0----------3--------/5------------|E|---3---3---3---------------------------------------------------------------|
G G/F# C Em Am so shy tonight I'm told you were, I'm in the thick of it, C5 D5 I've been a dick with it you're just not used to it G G/F# C Em Am am i'm alright well, as you were there's no use for this C5 D5 it's not a theater kiss more like a railway piss chorus: C em Am G the lights outside tonight are far from home and I'm out drinkin' in the yard C em Am and I fell sadder for the sad old bone it's not far, really babe, it's just G not that far...umm m G G/F# C Em and by the light and so you were it's such Am C5 D5 a cleaner wish a much softer fist a much weaker wrist G G/F# C Em and by tonight you'll wait for her so little hell to Am C5 D5 pay it just works out that way on almost any day | / slide up | ~ vibrato ================================================================
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