Lambchop - Lifes Little Tragedy tab

E           Am
i desire to tumble
F                  C  C/B
i walk through the garden
E                   Am
i don't speak well i mumble
F                C  C/B
to life's little tragedy
E                 Am
if you touch me i crumble
F                    C           C/B
this song's from the wishing you well
E               Am
not a boob or a bungle
F            C    C/B
just another butt to sniff

F              Em
half our lives surmise
C               Em
for only you to decipher
F               G     Am
our reasons are quite tame
F             Em
one by one we die
C               Em
and our secrets die within us
F              G       C
there's no one left to blame

C     G  F   C     G  F
shame on me, shame on you
(repeat) the song continues with a whole new set of verse lyrics, packed with fantastic kurtisms
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