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Lamya – Black Mona Lisa chords

My first attempt at chording a fave song of mine. If there is any mistake, please 
let me know. Thanks!

The late Lamya's official "site":

G AOh I am not afraid
A Bmto be a lone bohemian,
G A BmI can paint a portrait of myself,
G A AI will call me a black Mona Lisa,
BmMona Lisa,
G A BmCome to disco - ver
GI am your daughter
A A BmThe sky above me is silent and empty,
G A I am an island,
Bm A little freak of melancholy,
G A But these hands,
A BmThey unbead your rosary of wisdom,
G A Bewitched, spellbound I'm found
Bmand returned from superstition,
G A You are my martyr,
A BmI'm a vestige of revolution,
GMy alma, my mater,
AAnd now I can let go
Bmmy old addictive solutions
A I used to be a connoisseur
G Aof hate, self hate, paternal hate,
AHate cum gratis,
GI connected every kind,
A A Bm I was sipping it like red wine,
G AThe insecurity was mine,
AThe ties that bind were my design
AThe sun is still unkind
Gto those like you and me,
A Seekers of sanctuary,
GThough I'm not afraid,
AI'm sanctified and fortified,
GBecause you sacrificed,
A GI can call myself Mona Lisa,
AMona Lisa, Mona Lisa,
BmMen have adored you
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