Lana Del Rey – Starry Eyed chords

Starry Eyed by Lana Del Rey

A F#m Bm D

Oh boy you're starry eyed
Lie back, baby lie back
You've got heaven in your eyes
I like that, boy I like that

Life doesn't always work out
Like you planned it
They say make lemonade out of lemons
But I try and I just can't understand it

All this trying for no good reason
Man makes plans and god laughs
Why do I even bother to ask?

Well, once you and I were the king and queen of this town
It doesn't matter now
The sun is setting on our love
By, baby...


It doesn't matter what you say
Let's do it anyway
Because you and I
Have an undying kind of love
You can be mine, I'll be yours
Come on baby

Oh, boy...etc.
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