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NEW LANDLORD - Sonny Landreth
(Chords are for a guitar capoed at the second fret)

|G   |C   |D   |G   | x2

G                                                   C
Neon lights don't ever dim in the kind of bars that never close
     G                                                  C
In a back room game T-Jim yelled "St Gabriel! I'm gonna steal the show!"
   G                                                            C
He slapped his cards down on the table said "Boys, I got me the winning hand"
        G                                                   D        G
But the sight that made old T-Jim tremble was the king that took his land

Em     D/F#          F   C
Mister meet your new landlord
  G                   G/A    G/B
I heard you knocking upon my door
Em     D/F#          F   C
Mister meet your new landlord
      G                   D      G
I got plenty of room down on the floor

With the ticket burning in his hand and the tip still ringing in his ear
Big Pete bet his whole life savings as the race was drawing near
A shot was fired, the gates floew upon, the years streaked right before his eyes
Too bad they were riding on the saddle from a moment of ill advice

Mister meet your new landlord
I heard you knocking upon my door
Mister meet your new landlord
I got plenty of room down on the floor

Other names in other places, different rules but it's all the same
Cause if that bug ever bites you the scar will bear you shame
I tell you, son, you know you're in trouble if you wake up one morning in a daze
And as you peer into the mirror the face leaning over says:

Mister meet your new landlord
I heard you knocking upon my door
Mister meet your new landlord
I got plenty of room down on the floor

..............................Chords used: G (played as Gadd6)-320030 C (Csus2)- x32030 D-xx0232-| Em-022000 F-133211 G/A-x0003x G/B-x200-------------------------|3x..............................
The following is the intro guitar riff played by a clean standard tunedelectric guitar with a capo on the second fret: + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0---|---0-0----0---0---|-2---2---2-2-----|-----0-----0-0---||-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|---3-3----3---3---|-3---3---3-3---3-|-----3-----3-3---||-0---2---4-2-0-0-|---0-2p0-2h4--2p0-|-2p0-4---2-4-0-0-|-----0-----0-0---||-0---0---0-0-0---|------------------|-0---0---0-0---0-|-----0-----0-0---||---------------3-|---3-3----3---3---|-----------------|-----------------||-3---3---3-------|------------------|---------------3-|-----3-----3-3---|(If this feels a tad awkward, for the G and C chords use your middle fingerfor the bass strings, your ring finger for the B string, and your first andfourth fingers for the notes on the G string, and just finger the D chordas you would do normally, using your pinky for the note on the fourth fret)(This is also played between verses)
After this is played once, a distorted electric slide guitar using open-A(low to high EAEAC#E - ie open-G up a tone) tuning comes in with thefollowing riff: + + + + + + + +|-------------------------|--------------------------||-------------------------|--------------------------||-12----14---/16\14p12-12-|----12-14p12-/16----14p12-||-------------------------|--------------------------||-------------------------|--------------------------||-------------------------|--------------------------|
+ + + + + + + +|--------------------------|-----------------||--------------------------|-----------------||-14p12-/16----14p12----12-|--/4\2p0---------||--------------------14----|---------2p0---0-||--------------------------|---------------0-||--------------------------|-------------2-0-|
During the verse, the rhythm guitar plays the chords as shown above. The slide guitar plays the following fill on the words "steal the show"
+ + + + + + +|-----------------|-------------||-----------------|-------------||---0-2/4\2p0-----|---------12--| etc|-------------2-0-|-------------||---------------0-|-------------||-----------------|-------------|
For the rest of the verse, mess about at the 12th fret on the G chord, and the 5th fret for the C chord, until you reach the last line - this is played under the words "king that took his land"
+ + + + + + + +|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------||/4---0---------0-|-----------------||---------7-----0-|-----------------||---------7-----0-|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|
Going into the chorus: + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|-----------------|------\5---------|-----------------|------------------||-----------------|------\5---------|-----------------|------------------||-----------------|-10---\5---------|/16--14----12--14|--/16-/16-\14p12--||-------7---------|-10---\5---------|-----------------|------------------||-9-----7---------|-10--------------|-----------------|------------------||-9---------------|-10--------------|-----------------|------------------|
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|-----------------|------\5---------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------\5---------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-10---\5---------|----/12-/12------|-----------------||-------7---------|-10---\5---------|----/12-/12------|-----------------||-9-----7---------|-10--------------|-----------------|-----------------||-9---------------|-10--------------|-----------------|-----------------|
I tabbed most of the parts for the bridges between the verse, but I got fed up after a while, and besides, it would take up too much space tabbing them all out in ASCII. (Note that they all start off with the intro riff) Here's the bridge between the second and third verses though, cause it's a bit cool. Play the intro riff, replacing the last bar with + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + +|--------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|----||-17\15p12-----15------13--13------12--|----13--12h13p12-------------------|----||---------12-------12----------12------|----------------12---12------------|----||--------------------------------------|-------------------------12--14--//|-17-||--------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|----||--------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|----|
................... Notation used: + = Beat marker h = Hammer on p = Pull off / = Slide up \ = Slide down ................... I reckon that this song is a great place to get into slide playing, since it's not particularly difficult, and lots of fun to play, so don't be scared off retuning your guitar for it. (Btw, if you're a John Hiatt fan, the same tuning is used for "Thank You Girl", which I might post if I get around to it) Comments, corrections, suggestions, requests always welcome. Enjoy! Paul Hutchinson
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