Lani Misalucha – Very Spesial Love chords

This song is very easy to play..all chords are very basic may be except the chorus part

C G/B AmI never believed in love\
Em FI was deceived by love
C AmI never had much luck
Dm GWith lovers before
C G/BAnd I couldn't compete
Am EmI seemed Just part of the street
F CTo be walked on By everyone
Dmbut then
EbThen I found
AbA very special love in you
EbIt's a feeling that's so totally new
CmOver and over
F BbIt's burning inside
EbAnd I found
Ab A very special love in you
EbAnd it almost breaks me in two
CmSqueezing me tighter
Ab Bb Eb GBut I'm never gonna let go
C G/BYou're not like the rest
Am EmI know ,You're one of the best
F CYou give more Than you should
Dm GAnd take nothing In return
C G/BStay always with me
Am EmAnd I always will be
F CThe one person That you can count on
Dm Always to love you
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