Larry Sparks - Smokey Mountain Memories tab

Artist: Larry Sparks
Song: Smokey Mountain Memories
Capo 2
      D                 C G
Into: 1 2 & 3 4 & 1 2 & 3 4  (twice)
strumming pattern: p du p du

D                         Bm
Smokey mountain memories Ďbout my home in Tennessee
G                           A
yesterday keeps calliní me, calliní me home
D                           Bm
mountains risiní in my soul higher than the dreams Iíve known
G                              A                   D
misty eyes they cling to me my Smokey mountain memories

an old grey man with a dog asleep at his feet

plays a worn out fiddle full of melodies

he smiles with his eyes but the lines on his face

told me as much as the tunes he played

D                                         Bm
talkiní Ďbout my smokey mountain memories pretty girl in Tennessee
G                           A
I was such a fool to leave, leave her all a lone
D                              Bm
I think about her in my dreams wonder if she thinks of me
G                                      A                   D
Iíll always hold her close to me in my smokey mountain memories

D                                 Bm
so mister play your fiddle please play some mountain memories
G                            A
Iíve been down a lonely road so far from home
D                          Bm
nothing left to hold on to made some plans but they fell through
G                                      A                   D
now thereís nothing left for me but my smokey mountain memories

I don't know how to play the 2nd verse. It is slightly different from the rest. If 
you know how this is done email me at
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