Las - Feelin chords version 1

I have tabbed this great song called Feelin by La's. If you feel anything is wrong with 
this tab please email me at and i will change it :)Enjoy!

Tabbed By Ryan Norrie

Chords Used:

G:     (320033)
G5:    (300033)
Em:    (*22000)
Cadd9: (*32033)
F:     (133211)

Introduction: G G5 x8

Verse 1:

GI woke up with a feeling
EmAnd found me lying on the floor
I look up at the ceiling
Cadd9I must be dreaming
GWhen I get that feeling
G Em Cadd9 F GOh my Lord I can't take no more
Verse 2:
GYou can't stop that feeling
EmIt just goes on for evermore
What we believe in
Cadd9Is just a feeling
GSo thank God for that feeling
G Em Cadd9 F GOh my lord I can't take no more
Verse 3:
GI get the feeling
EmThat I am responding to a call
I am receiving and
Cadd9I get that meaning
GSo hats off to that feeling
G Em Cadd9 F GI could not ask for anymore
Outro: G Em Cadd9 F G x2
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