Late Of The Pier – Vw tab

			     VW - Late of the Pier

Sorry if the tabbing comes out wrong and mis-spaced but its a first time tabbing attempt.
Plus, the following was tabbed before the album version so it doesn't include anything 
in the
current one, but it's nearly there, had hadnt chnged much beyond the odd brass break.

The Guitar Part at the intro goes: x2e--8---8---8---8--10-----10---10---10------|B----9---9---9---------9----9----9----9----|G------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|
It's Flanged (or something) and in the Zarcorp Demo version it's much quieter, before a phasing effect happens at the end. It continues throughout the verse but in the B-side its harder to hear and not really necessary.
The Bass bit in the Verse goes: Ebm BmG-------------------------------------------|D----------4--------------------------------|A--6--6-6-----6----------9-----9----9-------|E-------------------7--7-----7----7----7----|
G#m EmG-------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------|E--4--4-4--7--4-----0--0-3---0-3--0-3--0----|
The Synth in the second version's probably playing the root note, with the last two an octave higher. Or Maybe its playing a chord rather than a single note. The Chorus on Guitar, although it's probably either just heavily treated on the recorded or a synth is:
whilst the bass plays something that might somewhat perhaps maybe resemble in a slight manner:
Although in a different rhythm and number as I cannot be arsed typing several 6s. Also is some sci-fi effect that reminds me of the space arena in tekken 5, and if it's actually anything rather than noise it's probably related to the lead line above The First Bass Break after the Chorus is just the latter half of the Verse bass riff twice and the second Bass break Halfway through the Second Verse is the the same as the Riff, but with the Chords parts played in place of the firsts as well and in a different rhythm on its first play. Once it come back from the 2nd break it plays:
For the Remainder of the Verse it plays the above. -KF
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