Laura Bell Bundy – Drop On By chords

A A7 D

A A7 DMmmmmm,
A A7 DHey baby
DI’m sitting here lonely,
A A7 DGoin’ crazy,
D Hopin’ that there’s a chance that
A E A Asus AMaybe, oh baby, you could drop on by
A A7 DDarlin,
D A A7 DYou don’t have to give me any warnin’,
D A Make it tonight, make it early mornin’,
E A Oh darlin, just drop on by
F#mI don’t have a clue where you might be
F#m G#m GmUp town or just down the street in some smokey bar,
DOh, I’m a-longin’ for you, can’t help myself
D ESendin out my s.o.s, wherever you are,
A A7 DOh, honey,
D A A7 DI just want your love, I don’t need your money
D AYou can turn my gray skies warm and sunny,
E AOh honey, would ya drop on by
A A7 D x2 A E A
F#mOh you and this bottle of warm red wine
F#m G#m GmAre both workin’ on my mind, and I need ya now
D To fill this emptiness in my soul,
D Boy if you were here I’d never let go
ENo way no how,
A A7 DHey sugar,
D A A7 DI know if we could get back together
D AWe could make this night last forever
E A G DOh sugar, would ya drop on by
A A7 DJust drop on by
A A7 D Drop on by
AOh baby, drop on by
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