Laura Jansen - Single Girls chords

Try to find the right strumming yourself as there is no guitar in the original song.

A I think you'd like my new hair
EI cut it when you wernt there
DAnd pieces of us everywhere are falling down
EMy bed is now a girls bed
A Pink flowers under my head
D EAnd pillows on your side instead of you
A E F#m DCause that's what single girls do
A E Ddon't think about you
AI'm reading books on meditation
EPraying for my heart salvation
DOh I've got the motivation
Eto be a free girl now
AI've gone drinking with the guy down the hall
E Dput up a new color on my bare walls
I'm so damn busy
Eafter all
D E A ECause that's what single girls do
D F#m E Ddon't think about you
BmI keep trying
AI keep trying
C Eto make my way back to the light where I belong
BmBut God keeps lying
AGod keeps lying
C Esaying this is for the best and nothing here is wrong
D EBut I"m still thinking 'bout
D EI"m still thinking 'bou
F#m E DI"m still thinking about you
F#m E DI still think about you
A EI think you'd like my new hair
DI cut it like I didn't care
Ethat pieces of me everywhere
were falling down
A EOne more glass of wine
D Ebefore I turn off the lights
D E Dthis time this time I'll be fine
A AI'll be fine
D AI'll be fine
Think it's right this way! Cool song, easy chords, easy strumming. Try to make your own song of it!
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