Laura Marling – Soulless Child tab

Heya all!

This is Soulless Child by Laura Marling...i submitted it quite a while ago but just 
that it wasn't accepted for some reason...well here it is again...hopefully its accepted 
time :)

Im pretty sure its correct...all by ear :D

Tuning is Standard EADGBE, No Capo.


7-----x----------x-----x--|6-----7----------5-----7--|7-----7----------5-----7--|9-----7----------5-----7--|7-----x----------x-----x--|x-----7---7-6-5--5-----7--| repeat until:
"I saw things i should never see, Someone you look up to crying in their bed, Some you to be losing their head" When she sings that, you play this:
-x----------x-------x--|-7----------5-------7--|-7----------5-------7--|-7----------5-------7--|-x----------x-------x--|-7---7-6-5--5-------7--| Repeat this part a few times until she sings the chorus Child once so wild', thats when you go back to the beginning...
Hope all is clear :) Listen to the song and it'll make the tab easier to understand. Stay Well!
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