Laura Marling – Night After Night chords

Night After Night
Laura Marling

Full version based on this video:

Tuning: DADFAD

Capo 1 on recording, Capo 2 live


Dm Bb Ad|-----------7--|x2----------8---|x2-----------------8---8--------7----7--|A|-------8---8--| -----8----8---| -----7---7--------------------0----0--|f|-------0-----0| -----0--------| -------8---8-------8--8---------8---8-|D|--------------| ---0----0---0-| --------------------------------------|A|----0---------| --------------| --0------------0------------0---------|D|-0-------0----| -8------------| 7-------------7-----------7-----------|
DmMy darling, I loved you
BbI long to become you
AAnd know what it is that you gave
DmWe dance the sorrow
BbForgive me tomorrow
F Gmd|--------------|x2 ----------------|x2A|--------------| ----------------|f|------4---4---| -------5---5----|D|------0---0---| -------0---0----|A|----0---0---0-| ----0----0---0--|D|--3-----------| -5--------------|
F Gm FAnd I pray night after night and day after day
GmWould you watch my body weaken
Dm (Last Dm of verse only)d|---------------------------|etc.A|-----------------0---0-----|f|-----0---0-------0---0-----|D|-----0---0-----0---0---0---|A|---0---0---0---------------|D|-0-----------0-------------|
DmAnd my mind drift away?
Dm Bb A
Dm Bb ADear lover forsaken, our love is taken away
Dm BbYou were my speaker, my innocence-keeper
F Gm FI don't night after night, day after day
GmWould you watch my body weaken,
DmMy mind drift away?
Dm Bb A Dear lover forgiven, my love is driven by rage Oh I should just leave you, instead I've deceived you But I don't, night after night, day after day Would you watch my body weaken my mind drift away?
Dm BbI count to no one, hold nobody's ear
AI sold you my hand once and you hit me in fear
DmI don't stand for the devil
BbI don't whisper in ears
F Gm F Gm DmI stand on the mountains and call people to hear
Dm/F Dmd|-------------|x2-------------------|A|-------------| -------------------|f|-------------| -------------------|D|-----0---0---| ------0---0--------|A|---0-0-0-0-0-| ----0-0-0-0-0------|D|-3-----------| --0----------------|
Dm/F Dm Dm/FIt's a sudden burst of light, it's a fate foretold
Dm Dm/F DmIt is knowing, it is knowing
Dm Bb A
Dm BbHe longs for the answers, as all of us must
AHe longs for the woman who will conquer his lust
Dm BbHe screams in the night, I scream in the day
AWe weep in the evening and lie naked and pray
F Gm FNight after night, day after day
Gm FNight after night, day after day
GmCould you watch my body weaken,
Dmand my mind drift away?
Dm/F DmIt's a tempting communion
Dm/FIt's a fate foretold
Dm Dm/FIt is knowing, it is knowing
Dmsus4 (play around with picking pattern, hammering 3 on the high d string)d|--0(h3)-----|A|--1---------|f|--2---------|D|--0---------|A|--0---------|D|--0---------|
D5 D5+d|-0---0---|A|-4---5---|f|-0---0---|D|-0---0---|A|-0---0---|D|-0---0---|
D5 D5+ D5 D5+ D5 D5+What it is that you're told Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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