Laura Marling – Pray For Me tab

Beautiful song by Laura Marling, enjoy!! TJ ;)

Same chords used throughout

"And where you run...."D|------5------0----0----0----------/0---------------------------|B|------5------0----0----0----------/0---------------------------|G|------5------0----0----0----------/0---------------------------|D|------5------0----2----4----------/9---------------------------|G|------5------0----0----0----------/0---------------------------|D|------5------0----2----4----------/9---------------------------|
"That wasn't me for my trying...."e|-----0---------0-------------------------------------------------|B|-----1---------3-------------------------------------------------|G|-----0---------0-------------------------------------------------|D|-----2---------4-------------------------------------------------|A|-----2---------4-------------------------------------------------|E|-----0---------0-------------------------------------------------|
LYRICS: Where does my lover lie I don't love, I just lie Pray, pray for me And where you run, I run in tow And where youre from, I long to know How does a child know Where mothers weakness goes And where, and where the trouble grows Well you will speak and it shall be so And what you say will be all I know There was a time of weaks I thought dogs barked at me And I, and I had lost my mind And the Devil had put his mark on me And called his branches,shake his trees That wasn't me for my trying, that was the Devil and his lying Trying to make me lose my mind Oh pray, oh pray for me So you got my letter late But when I perminately etched my name Right oh right to your soul I cannot love I want to be alone I will not love I want to be alone That not love for it trying That is God and his lying Trying to make me when im trying to be good Oh pray, oh pray for me And where you run I run in tow And where he's from I long to know And you shall speak and it shall be so But I cannont love I want to be alone
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