Laura Marling – Ghosts tab ver. 2

Tabbed by  : Mozz pie
previous tabs have been good but thought I'd make it clearer and tell you hand positions :)

Tuning: Capo Second fret Standard tuning
(Notes relative to capo)

Hand position open C

Small fill second time round in intro (for hand position see below)e|--------------------------------------------------|B|-------3----3h5---3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-|G|-------0----0-----0-----0-----4-----4-----4-----4-|D|-------4----4-----4-----4-----5-----5-----5-----5-|A|-----5-----5-----5-----5--------------------------|E|-----------------------------3-----3-----3-----3--|
Verse Riff Hand position changes from the open C chord shape but moved up two frets so third finger is on ten 5th fret then change to a G barre chord then back continuously for the verse
For the chorus play open Em then G putting more emphasis on the bass notes Em G Lover, please do not Em G Fall to your knees Em Its not G Like I believe in Em G Everlasting love Return to verse riff, then repeat chorous Bridge Am7 Bm7 He says ‘I’m so lost, Am7 Am7 Not at all well’ CEFC play C chord open but add 3rd fret on E string Oooh Oooh Do as though there is nothing left to be Turned out I’d been following him and he’d been following me Do as though after it was over We were just two lovers crying on each others shoulders And i said Repeat chorus till end :) x
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