Laura Story – I Can Just Be Me chords

Key Bb
Intro: Piano Interlude following chords: Bb Bb/C Gm Eb (1x)Verse 1:
Bb Bb/A GmI've been doing all that I can To hold it all together
Eb Piece by piece.
Bb Bb/A GmI've been feeling like a failure, Trying to be braver
Eb CmThan I could ever be. It's just not me.
Bb Cm Gm Eb So be my healer, be my comfort, be my peace.
Bb Cm GmCause I can be broken, I can be needy,
EbLord I need You now to be,
Gm F Eb BbBe my God, so I can just be me.
Interlude: Bb Bb/A Gm Eb Verse 2:
Bb Bb/A GmI've been living like an orphan, Trying to belong here,
EbBut it's just not my home.
Bb Bb/A GmI've been holding on so tightly, To all the things that I think
Eb CmCould satisfy my soul. But I'm letting go...
Chorus 2
Bb Cm Gm EbSo be my father, my mighty warrior, be my king.
Bb Cm GmCause I can be scattered, frail and shattered,
Eb GmLord I need You now to be,
F Eb GmBe my God, so I can just be me.
Gm F Eb Gm Cause I was lost in this dark world
Gm F Eb DmUntil I was finally found in You
Dm Eb GmSo now I'm needing, desperately pleading
F BbOh Lord, be all to me
Chorus 3:
Bb Bb/C Gm Eb BbAnd be my savior, be my lifeline, won't You be my everything.
Bb Cm GmCause I'm so tired of trying to be someone
Eb GmI was never meant to be
F Eb Gm F Eb GmBe my God Please be my God
F Eb Bb Bb/A Gm EbBe my God So I can just be me
Bb/A Gm EbSo I can just be me. I can just be me.
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