Lauren Hoffman - Reasons To Fall tab

A/N: My first tab. I love Lauren Hoffman. I first heard her on the TV show South of 
and I fell in love with her music. if you find any errors e-mail me at

Capo 1

C          F             G
We're on a wire but it's better than drowning
C                     F             G
And I don't care if I fall cuz I've never been higher
C           F              G
Everythings changing but I don't care for sameness
       C            F             G
'Cause safety makes graves of the fearful I find

  C         F       G                    Am
A ride on a wave, a home on a wind-blown cloud
               F        G
Make your body loud for me

             C          F         G             C
Could you be safe in my arms, and scared at the same time
        C           F                G        Am
Running towards and away 'til you're standing still

    C         F        G
The mystery's calling, come if you dare
    C            F              G
And find what is there when you tear down the walls
    C           F            G
No you're gonna wait til the moment is certain
      C             F             G          C
While I've been out searching for reasons to fall

Am          F             G                  Am
Hard is the ground you're wrapping your arms around
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