Lauren Oconnell – I Belong To You tab

Standard Tuning

Tabbed June 2012

To make the tab more concise I've written out the major themes as labelled blocks 
which are repeated in different orders throughout the verse/choruses.  I've also 
spread the lyrics out to make it easier to line up the tabs and make it easier 
when first learning the song.

Ryan does not use full alternate thumb picking on the baseline, but it holds 
together better with solo in my opinion as it reproduces the rhythm of the 
percussion to an extent.

VERSE1 [ Em ][ F*4 ]E[----------------][----------------][-------------]B[---1----1--1----][---0----0--0----][----1------1-]G[------0-------0-][------0-------0-][-----0/2-----]D[---2---2---2---2][---2---2---2---2][----3----3---]A[-3---3---3---3--][----------------][-------------]E[----------------][-0---0---0--0---][-1-----------]If it were up tome to build this place, well I'd have made the miles it takes a little shorter and I think I wouldtell the hills to lay to waste and soak up all the Finger Lakes so I could
[ F*2 ]E[------------------------][-------------]B[----1-------------------][----1------1-]G[---------0-----0--------][-----0/2-----]D[----2-----2----0---0----][----3----3---]A[-3-----3-------------3--][-------------]E[------------3----0------][-1-----------]
straighten the lines, yeah so I could [ C*2 ]E[------------------------][---0-------------][---------]B[----1-------------------][------1----1----0][--1----1-]G[---------0-----0--------][-------0------0--][-----0---]D[----2-----2----0---0----][---2---2---2---2-][--2---2--]A[-3-----3-------------3--][-3---3---3---3---][3---3----]E[------------3----0------][-----------------][---------]straighten the lines to anywhere
VERSE2 If I was told to know my place, well I think I would choose a space closer to Yours and I would use those lines I drew to get real close a finger on my pulse because I think that it's strongest there, yeah I think that it's strongest there near you [ C*2 ] CHORUS [F] [C] 'Cos I do not belong to the night, mystery or
[ G*2 ]E[-----------------][----------]B[---1----1--1----1][---0----0-]G[------2-------2--][------0---]D[---3---3---4---4-][---0---0--]A[-----------------][----------]E[-1---1---2---2---][-3---3----]song or moonlight to be a far-begotten
[ A*2 ]E[---------]B[---1----1]G[------2--]D[---2---2-]D[---------]E[-0---0---] [C]soul, I don't know what they do, don't know where such souls[G] [C]go, but I belong to you.
VERSE3 If the ground should start to break well I think I would allocate more of my Bones to keep our legs up and the tiny ones inside our hands would plant themselves in door frames and each other or at least I hope with each other, or at least I hope they would CHORUS [C*4][Em*2][F*2][C][G][F*2][C][G] Oooooh [C*8] VERSE4 (single chord strokes) If any part of us should start to die I would dig a well and bleed it dry and wait there For something to breathe cos I believe or at least I try that nothing is just born to die cos I think that we'd
E[---0--1-------0-------]B[-----------3-----1----]G[-----------------0/2--]D[---2---2---0---0-3----] repeat and end on [C]A[-0---0-----------3----]E[---------3---3---1----]all just waitYeah, I think that we'd all just wait if that were true.
CHORUS [Em] I belong to you [F] [G] [C] I belong to you so long as this world allows me to
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