Lauren Oconnell – Maybe True Stories chords


Intro: D

D A G / D I've been trying to quantify
D A GAll of the wrong that one can pack into a lie
D A G DAnd I've been trying to put on a scale
D A GJust how bad all of that wrong should make me feel
Bm A'Cos they told me once when I was young
G DThat liars are as liars do
A DAnd if you do, it's off to Hell with you
G DNo smiling, kid, I speak the truth
Bm ABut I've a sneaking feeling they were liars too
G DSo logically, then, we're all hypocrites
Bm A DBut does it make it better or make it worse to be aware of it?
D A G DI'm convincing myself that it's all relative
D A GAnd if there's a God, when He forgives, I think He must consider it
D A G DI've been noticing confusion in the laws he made
D A G The nature of the truth and where it bends and where it breaks
Bm AAnd where I twisted it to my benefit
G DWhen this man said he was in love with me
A DAnd I thought that he was dumb to be
G DSo I pretended that I was asleep
Bm ACalled it free will what he willed to believe
G DAnd it ended, so I guess it's just as well
G A DBut that's why sometimes I think I might go to Hell
(during the bridge, just play:) G - D - G - D - Bm - A (2x)
Bm AAnd I worry too, how I never mentioned to you
G DHow I drove your car while you were gone
A DA mile with the parking brake still on
D D'Cos it seems to me, you wait too long
Bm A You may as well have not meant well all along
G DSo I'm hoping hard if it's the thought that counts
G A D - D7That you don't ever have to know what I think about
G DAnd that every soul can always fit thought Heaven's door
Bm A DWith the weight of things it never told anyone before.
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