Lauryn Hill – Everything Is Everything tab

Hill, Lauren - Everything is Everything

Tabbing by Dannie Jensen,

This is my second tabbing:

Abm C#m C#m AbmE|-----4---------4----------------------------4---------4---------------|B|-----4---------5----------------------------5---------4---------------|G|-----5---------6----------------------------6---------5---------------|D|-----6---------6----------------------------6---------6---------------|A|-----6---------4----------------------------4---------6---------------|E|-----4---------4----------------------------4---------4---------------| x3 x1 x3 x1
Start off in Abm by playing the violin bit, put some feeling in it and pretty soon after you can play this amazing piece of music using only those two chords. Fool around with and put some heart in it, but Abm is a good place to start. "If you mean it, people will like it" Dannie Jensen, Summer of '96
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