Lawrence Arms – Old Mexico Way tab

			     The Lawrence Arms - Old Mexico Way
Tabbed by: rob

this song appears on both "ghost stories" and "cocktails and dreams" as a hidden track.

Chords Used:

C G A Fe|--0--|--3--|--0--|--1--|B|--1--|--3--|--2--|--1--|G|--0--|--0--|--2--|--2--|D|--2--|--0--|--2--|--3--|A|--3--|--2--|--0--|--0--|E|--x--|--3--|--x--|--x--|
intro: | C | G | A | F | x2 | C | G | F | x3 | G | x1 Verse 1: C G A F Well I shot a man in Louisville about one year ago, C G A F He was looking at me cockeyed, and I guess it goes to show, C G A G F that Jack Daniels and a pistol can be a powerful enemy, C G F especially when the whiskey's inside me. Verse 2: C G A F And robbed a bank in Tulsa running from the Federal B.I. C G A F I don't mind telling you that I shot the guard just to watch him die. C G A G F And they're still hot on my trail as my drunk driving hugs the rail C G F that runs south bound all the way down 55. Chorus: C G A F Well, I'm prison bound, they're gonna send me down forever and a day. C G F So I'm jumping in my truck and I'm headed down old Mexico way. | C | G | F | x3 | G | x1 Verse 3: C G A F In Salt Lake City, Utah, there's a warrant on my head C G A F for a girl in a bordello that someone left for dead, C G A G F and though it wasn't me, I must admit that I was in town at the time C G F Drunk and shooting guns beneath the desert sky. Verse 4: A C F I got five hundred miles until I'm free. C G A F When I hit the Rio Grande, John Law can't do nothing to me. C G A F I got five hundred dollars and five bullets in my gun C G F and if I have to, I'll unload every one. you boys bring your guns? ===============================================================================
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