Lawrence Arms – Black Snow chords


C#m B A Snow and sleet, on Saturday
E B C#mI had 8 hours of hell to pay
B AWeek after week, third floor bachelor suite
E B AThe atmosphere just stinks of rotting apathy
E B ARomance of ordinary type
E B AI need a better way another day a different time
E B AThis liquor sheen smiles in my eyes
C#m B AI'm searching for an anchor in this empty night
C#m B A Walking home, on the same street
E B C#mit never used to look like this
B AThe skeletons, they're secretly
E B Aliving in all these condominiums
E B AAnd all across the northeast side
E B AThe evolution of these streets is sucking them of their life
E B ATheir meat and spirits swallowed alive
C#m B AThere's nothing new the city is for sale
C#m BThe day was long, it almost killed me
A F#And I don't belong, but the drinks are flowing
C#m BSnow and Ice, give way to summer's new life
A F#north avenue, above lakeshore drive
C#m Amaj7 E BThe sun drops down, behind west side buildings
C#m Amaj7 E BThe city lights, run so soft against the sky
C#m Amaj7 B AAnd from this bridge, i watch cars fast below me
C#m Amaj7And all my fears, and troubles
E BWon't leave here with me
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