Lawrence Arms - Brickwall Views tab

The Lawrence Arms

'Brickwall Views'

I've finally decided to start tabbing a load of Lawrence arms songs, as i can't find any, anywhere.

I did porno and snuff films ages ago and forgot about it, so i did this one today. It's one of my

favourites off apathy.

The rhythems easy so i'm not going to put it out, here you go:

Mute G-9
     A-7 For the first part, then

Verse 1 (Clean) Pre-ChorusE--------------|-------|-----------------------------|B--------------|-------|-----------------------------|G--9-----------|--9----|--9--------------------------|D--9--9--7-----|--9--9-|--9--9--7--------------------|A--7--9--7-----|--7--9-|--7--9--7--------------------|E-----7--5-----|-----7-|-----7--5--------------------|
Slow bit (Also technically the Bridge)
E--------------|B--------------|G--9-----------|D--9--9--7-----|A--7--9--7-----|E-----7--5-----| Clean, then distorted
Bit at the end where he sings 'when we don't know...'
E--------------|B--------------|G--9-----9-----|D--9--9--9--7--|A--7--9--7--7--|E-----7-----5--| Clean then distorted
OutroE--------------------|B--------------------|G-9--11--11-12--8--9-|D-9--11--X--X---X--X-|A-7--9---9--10--6--7-|E--------------------| (Just keep strumming when playing this part so it all goes together)
ThenE-----------|B-----------|G-9--11-12--| - Do the same as above hereD-9--X--X---|A-7--9--10--|E-----------|
Then play the bridge and finish on G-9- D-9- A-7- OK, Enjoy. Graham
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