Layla Kaylif - Apricot Time tab

Layla Kaylif - Apricot Time
UPDATE: Few hords on the refrain, chorus and bridge were updated by Eden. (3/30/2005)


No point in trying to find me again I'm not the woman that I was then The days when I'd throw head's caution to the wind And realize too late what a mess I'm in Refrain:
D Dsus C 1-----2--3-------0------|2-----3--3-------1------|3-----2--2-------0------|4----------------2------|5----------------3------|6-----------------------|
And I tried to assimilate It's the lie and the truth at the same time I find after all this time
Am D 1---0------------------------------------------2---------|2---1------------------------------------------3---------|3---2------------------------------------------2---------|4---2----------------------------------------------------|5--------------------------------------------------------|6--------------------------------------------------------|I'm condemned to living outside the world I was born in
G Dsus 1----3-------3-----------|2----3-------3-----------|3------------2-----------| 3X4------------------------|5----2-------------------|6----3-------------------|
I uncover the secrets I hide I recover the mind that I tied
Am D1------0-------2--------|2------1-------3--------|3------2-------2--------|4------2----------------|5-----------------------|6-----------------------| I discover the life that I tried to live and forget,In Apricot time
No point in saying she's an Arab girl As if that's all there is to claim about her If you look closely see a transparent veil Designed to hide and exorcise her shame And I tried to differentiate And draw lines between the good and the bad things It's hard when you're lost in space A cross cultural tale of misplaced love and hate Bridge:
G-Dsus-Am (3x)D--Dsus--
Repeat Chorus February 01, 2005 If you have any comments & suggestions don't hesitate to email me. Mabuhay Philippines! ----------------- I don't know if a lot of people knows this song, but it certainly is a nice pop-acoustic sound. We love doing acoustic duets and this one is absolutely a favorite. for just about anything:
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