Lazy Sods - Im A Punk tab

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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:20:36 -0500
From: Boris 
Subject: TAB: Im a punk by the lazy sods

Artist: The Lazy Sods

Song: I'm a punk

Album: You Make Me Mad
Tabbed by: Antonino Lombardo (

 Due to popular demand, I thought i would tab "I'm a punk" by the infamous
underground punk group, The Lazy Sods.
 It's pretty difficult to play, but if you concentrate and practice often,
I think you'll be able to play it.

Im not going to tell you how many times to strum each chord, cause if you
need to know that you shouldnt be playing the guitar.


Now here's the lyrics: Verse: Im a punk (x8) Chorus: Never seem to realize I wear chains and spikes to disguise My glaring need for attention I must be noticed by everyone Verse: IM a punk(x8) Chorus: Im so different that im the same As every other fuckin lame Kid who think he's a bad ass rebel I swear at my mom and worship the devil Verse: Im a punk (x8) Chorus: I think it's real cool to hate Fighting and drinking is fucking great I look real tough but i must confess I don't get it so i guess Verse: Im not a punk(x8) But I "look" like one!!
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