Lbm – August Sunset tab

August Sunset
Written by LBM
From the album ?Songs from the north of the heart?

A great ?chill out love song? by LBM, to me it takes you through stages of any relationship,
It starts with the end of the last one and builds up to give a vision of the future of the next.


C/G		3 3 2 0 1 0
Cmj7		3 3 2 0 0 0
Dm		X X 0 2 3 1
Dm/C		X 3 0 2 3 1
Dm/B		X 2 0 0 3 1
G6		3 2 0 0 0 X
Am7		X 0 2 0 1 0
G/B		X 2 0 0 3 0
Am		X 0 2 2 1 0
Fmj7  		X 3 3 2 1 0
G		3 2 0 0 0 3

C/G, Cmj7 x 2 (Just 1 down strum per bar on each chord)
Pick up strumming the chords on 3rd bar for another 2 bars

Verse 1
C/G                Cmj7                   C/G                  Cmj7
The world is mine, coz my wings are free, the hurt of the past is way below me

Dm            Dm/C			 Dm/B			       G6   Am7 G/B Am
Stop me I say as I rise through the sky, I see nothing at all with the sun in my eye

C/G            Cmj7            C/G                    Cmj7
I have a dream like every man, to find the right girl and give all I can

Dm                    Dm/C                   Dm/B                   G6   Am7 G/B Am
I?ll search the world the whole way through, you better believe it I will find you.

C/G                   Cmj7                   C/G                Cmj7
The beach is my place when I wanna get away, lying on the sands burning through the day

Dm                   Dm/C		Dm/B	              G6   Am7 G/B Am
Join me I shout I really want you here, it all comes together when you are near


Dm		C
In the morning, we will rise together

Dm	        C
By the evening, we will love forever

Dm                Dm/C
Sharing something we?ll never forget

Dm/B			      G6 Am7 G/B Am
Glowing in the shadows of an August sunset.

Verse 2 (as verse 1)
The birds above are singing sweet, the deep blue sea covers our feet
We will stand there arm in arm, and ride the waves strong, tall or calm
Everywhere I look I can see your face, sitting with a beer staring into space
Then it hits me right outta the blue, can?t deny I really want you
Can you tell me what more I need, your all I want coz mind is freed
It makes me think all night long,  loving you I can?t go wrong


Fmj7		G			 Fmj7	                                 G
Is this the way you wanted things to be, walking hand in hand with a simple guy like me

Fmj7                      G                       Am
Are the fruits of passion growing with no regret, is this an August sunset?

Soloe ---------------------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------------------|G --4---5---7---4---5h-----4---5---7---4---5h---------|D ---------------------5----------------------7-------|A ----------------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------------|
Repeated 4 times Verse 3 C/G Cmj7 C/G Cmj7 Ten years on and were still around, Your still pretty and I?ve been found Dm Dm/C Dm/B Am And the feelings are just the same, we?re the winners in the loving game Dm Dm/C Dm/B G6 Am7 G/B Am Its no different to the day we met, kissing slowly one August sunset Chorus End with C/G and Cmj7
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