Lea Salonga – Two Words chords

Two Words by Lea Salonga 

note the song is one whole note lower standard in EM
D9 BmIn a while, in a word,
G AEvery moment now returns.
D9 BmFor a while, seen or heard,
G AHow each memory softly burns.
F#mFacing you who brings me new
F#m F# BmI thank God for yesterdays,
Em Em/GHow they led me to this very
Em Gm AHow they led me to this place...
D9 BmEvery touch, every smile,
G AYou have given me in care.
D9 BmKeep in heart, always I'll,
Bb Am DNow be treasuring everywhere.
GAnd if life should come to just
GmOne question,
D F#dimDo I hold each moment true?
D G6No trace of sadness,
G9 AAlways with gladness...
D Now a song that speaks of now
G and ever,
D BmBeckons me to someone new,
Em Em/GUnexpected, unexplored, unseen,
Em Filled with promise coming
D9 BmIn a while, in a word,
G AYou and I forever chained,,
D9 BmNow so clear never blur
Bb Has me feeling wondrous,
Am D strange,
G And if life should come to just
Gm one question,
D F#dimDo I face each moment true?
D GNo trace of sadness,
Em Aalways with gladness,
D'I DO...'
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