Leadbelly - Im All Out And Down tab

The spoken prose parts to the song follow the same chord progression, but if you want to 
them, then you should pick up a recording of the tune.

slow blues around 85-90

E              E7            A
Honey, I'm all out and down, Honey,
A                    A7                  E
I'm broke, babe, an' I ain't got a dime,
A                      A7            E
Every good man gets in hard luck sometime,
            B7               E
Don't they, baby, don't they baby?
E              E7            A
Honey, I'm all out and down, Honey,
A                            A7                                E
Oh, the mules and the hosses nicklin' (beggin') for their corn and hay,
A                  A7                          E
Women on the levee shoutin' 'cause it's almost pay day,
         B7           E
Cryin', 'Daddy, Sweet Daddy.'
A                           A7                           E
Aw, the women on the levee, honey, hollerin' 'Whoo, haw, gee,'
A                     A7                       E
The mens on the levee hollerin' 'Doncha murder me.
        B7                  E
Please, baby, doncha murder me.'
E               E7             A
Honey, what you want me to do, Honey,
A                      A7                     E
I'm down in the bottom in the mud up to my knees,
A                       A7                      E
Workin' for my baby and she's so hard to please,
          B7               E
Ain't you baby?  Ain't you baby?
A                            A7                 E
Yellow woman make a preacher lay his Bible down,
A                           A7                  E
Jet-black woman make a jack-rabbit hug a houn',
         B7              E
Tell me, baby.  Tell me, baby.
E              E7            A
Honey, I'm all out and down, Honey,
A                     A7                   E
Worked all the summer and part of the fall,
A                    A7                  E
Had to take my Christmas in my overalls,
  B7        E
O Lawdy!  O Lawdy!
A                       A7                    E
I'm down in the bottom, skinnin' for Johnny Ryan,
A                    A7                          E
Puttin' my initials, honey, on the mule's behin',
              B7                   E
With my line, babe.  With my line, babe.
E              E7            A

[just continue the progression until you feel like ending]
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