Weight Of Love chords with lyrics by Leann Rimes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Leann Rimes – Weight Of Love chords

E C#m Accept me for who I am and that I'm only human
A And there are more important things
E B Than what we fight about
E We won't always see eye to eye
C#m We say hurtful things sometimes
A B And it gets hard when you love someone so much
E A Everybody's got highs and lows
C#m B It's alright, it's the weight of love
E A Everybody's got highs and lows
C#m B E (seond time C#m) It's alright, oh it's the weight of love
Remember our first kiss how we melted in our seats There will never be a January as warm in Tennessee It was an angel in the night nothings ever felt so right Oh and even the stars over our backyard don't shine sometimes repeat chorus
C#m A We will grow old together even for worse or better
C#m B Nothing will ever keep us apart
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