Led Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I Do tab ver. 4

Standard E tuning (E,A,D,G,B,e)   it can be played with a capo on the first fret if you want to
 mess around with a different sound.
 this is my first tab so i hope it helps 

^ well call that riff #1^
e|---3-33--2-22--0-00--0-00000-00-000000--|---------| B|---3-33--3-33--1-11--1-11111-11-111111--|---------| G|---0-00--2-22--2-22--0-00000-00-000000--|---------| <----- Verse Riff D|---0-00--0-00--3-33--2-22222-22-222222--|----2----| listen to the A|---2-22--------------3-03033-03-303030--|-012-2-0-| song for the E|---3-33---------------------------------|---------| strum pattern
throw in some hammer on and pull offs on the A string if your playing alone basically to make up for not having a bass
e|---3~--3~--0-0--00--0000-000-000000---|B|---3~--3~--1-1--11--1111-111-111111---| G|---0~--0~--2-2--00--0000-000-000000---| listen to the song for the strum D|---0~--0~--3-3--22--2222-222-222222---| pattern A|---2~--2~-------33--0303-303-303030---|E|---3~--3~-----------------------------|
^that would be the chorus^ thats roughly the song, i think the chorus is a little off but my immature skills cant comprehend what jimmy page does, but i think its pretty good compared to other tabs tho. there are mandolin parts that other tabs have transcribed for guitar but i didnt wanna steal there tabs so i left the mandolin out. hope it helps
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