Lee Hazlewood – Wont You Tell Your Dreams tab

Won't You Tell Your Dreams

G  Bb  F   G      Bb  F  G
Da-radararara  Da-radararara

G               Bb F           G
I’ve learned to do some simple things
              Bb   F            G
Like lock the door and shut the lights
            Bb   F      G
And pay the paperboy on time
           Bb       F         G
And try to miss you less each night

   C      F         G7        C 
So please won't you tell your dreams
            F     G     G7
To leave my room alone
C      F         G7        C
Please won't you tell your dreams
            F     G      
To leave my room alone


I took the dog out for a walk
I gave the laundry man a beer
I washed the dishes in the sink
And took your picture off the mirror

Chorus + intro
I saw a movie just last night
I sat and cried the all way through
I went to bed at ten o’clock
I closed my eyes and there was you

Chorus + intro

by: José Duarte
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