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The Old Man and His Guitar

F#m                  A/C#    F#m        A/C#              
See the candle light burning in a cabin not so far
D                  A
From a river wild, that's friendly as a child,
      F#m         Bm     F#m
To an old man and his guitar.

F#m                       A/C#        F#m             A/C#
Spends each lonely night just wishing on some long forgotten star
D                     A
Dreamin' dreams until only dreams seem real
      F#m         Bm     F#m
To an old man and his guitar.

A                  E
Rememberin' loves, rememberin' springs
A              E
So many loves, so many springs
D                 E   
But there was one he loved the best
D                 E
She made him soon forget the rest.

His hands that once played only magic now where the sting of times crewel scars
But all his songs aren't sung the best is yet to come
For an old man and his guitar.

by: José Duarte
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