Lee Hazlewood - Rising Star tab

Rising Star

G#         C#              G#
Baby, this letter might be hard to read
         Bb7                             D#
But Iíve got a strong need to get it all down
     G#           C#                       G#
Itís noon and Iím lyiní on the bunk in the back of the bus
      Bb7                                   D#
I got thinkiní about us while Iím bouncing around

    C#               Cm                    Fm  
The rising star just ridiní along with the rest of the guys
            Bb7                            D# 
Smoking and gettiní high like he does each trip
      C#                Cm               Fm
ĎBout two oíclock heíll say I think Iíll sip some crow
       Bb7  						 D#
By the time of the show the rising star will be ripped

G#                C#                G#
Later on when the job is done weíre back on the bus
       Bb7                                  D#
Heíll turn to the guys and smile in a funny way
        C#                            G# 
And say tell me once again how good I played

         C#                  G#                     C#       G#
And they call him the rising star and they say heís gonna go far
         F#                              D#7
But each night he gets far (?) he ever believed
G#                  C#                    G#
Something inside me grieves cause sure as hell one day
     C#                             G#
They say the rising star will fade away

Last night the rising star got lost with a girl for an hour or so
Barely made the shoe, kinda stumbled on
Forgot the words to the song he wrote about his wife
Said guess thatís life but I was wrong

Cause every night when I go on Iím the rising star
Me and my guitar start to get it on
Living is when they stand and cheering and call my name
But Iíll try to change before too long

Something about the here and now said drop a line
To say Iím fine but Iíd like to say not every rising star fades away

And they call me the rising star, baby Iím gonna go far 
With you beside me I swear by the pen in my hand
Iíll be damned if you ever gone to see the day
That drunken, stoned and all alone, Youíll see this rising star fade away

by: Josť Duarte
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