Lee Hazlewood - Sand Hill Anna And The Russian Mouse tab

Sand Hill Anna and the Russian Mouse 

C                                    F
Sand Hill Anna and the Russian mouse up on Gotland shooting grouse
C                               G               C 
Sand Hill said you son of a gun you got six and I got one
Sand Hill said I want my share whatís right is right and whatís fair is fair
C                                                G                          C
The birds in the sack where two in the air, that Sand Hill was some kind of poet

C                                   F
The Russian mouse then threw a fit, what you shot is what you get
    C                            G                  C
And Sand Hill said you wanna bet cause Iím a social democrat
Who won the last elections common know no local here but majority

F          C
Palme, we adore you.
F               C
Palme, we voted for you 
    G                            F                    C 
Now all the world can see youíre coming all (?) majority

The Russian mouse laid down her gun, said listen girl the time has come
Cause one of us is gonna fall, itís seven birds or none at all
Sand Hill said I'm not to come to violence with anyone 
So take them birds but donít forget Iím a social democrat
We got to help you overdevelop folks 


Then Sand Hill sat down on a stone, said here Iím gonna make my home
And write my memoirs fast and clean as soon as I learn to spell Phil Dean


by: Josť Duarte
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