Come On Home To Me tab with lyrics by Lee Hazlewood - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lee Hazlewood – Come On Home To Me tab

Come On Home To Me
Am         E   Am          E
A bird can fly on just one wing 
Am       E          Am       E
But then why should he?
Am            E   Am            E
Where there’s sky there must be rain, 
Am            E          Am           
Where there’s you there’s me

C        F   C      F     C            F     C           
So do it all get it done, be all there is to be
Am            E    Am           E
Than wrap yourself in something warm
And come on, come on, 
Am      E       Am    E
Come on home to me

Love can die and never know
What it might have bin
You and I will never know 
until we try again


by: José Duarte
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