Lee Hazlewood – Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago tab

Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago

Intro:  D  E  F#  B

    B 			     F#m
One rainy night in Dallas I thought I saw your face
  B 			        F#m                   B
Reflected by the street lights to a wet place on the sidewalk
How well I do remember Denver in December
  B 			      F#m                      B
Depression settin’ in holding hands with a friends we talked

      E                 F#            B
And I just thought that you’d like to know  
  E                 C#            F# 
I just thought that you’d like to know 
     D        A        D                    F#   
I forgot all about you ten or eleven towns ago

One week in S. Francisco existing on Nabisco
Cookies and bad dreams, sad scenes and dodgin’ paranoia
Chicago winds kissed me, whisper no one miss me
When buildings tried to drown me, no one came and found me but I saw you


Saw Atlanta in July, stole some food and hit a guy
Found a (?) town for dyin’ but there’s a lot of people trying for salvation
Met a girl in Baltimore, nothing less and nothing more
She was rich and I was poor so I let her take me on a small vacation

Chorus (repeat)

by: José Duarte
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