Leeroy Stagger – Mister chords

Leeroy Stagger


C GWell hey there mister could you do me a favor
F G CTell me what time is it and where the hell i am
GI got no money I guess I never did
F G CCould you give me a lift downtown I gotta pick up my kid
He’s almost four now, he’ll be getting mad I couldn’t live with myself to think of myself as a dead beat dad I sure am tryin, I guess it doesn’t show Anyway mister could you give me a lift I gotta go Chorus:
FI got a steady job at the hardware store
G CMakin 6 bucks an hour, started at 4
FI got a piece of shit parked out in the back
G CAnyway mister could you cut me some slack
Anyway buddy tell me whats your problem I could see you starin at me from the other side of the bar Don’t you judge me don’t you try I don’t know what your seein im just a regular guy I got my share of problems, I bet you gottem too Thats what people like me got in common with people like you So turn up the jukebox, play a willie song Cuz willie’s got a way of figurin out if your right or wrong (Chorus) Well hey there mister, could you do me a favour Tell me what time is it and where the hell I am
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